About Us

Carrigaline Macra meets in Bridgies Bar, Ballygarvan usually on the second Monday of every month at 9pm. It is a club/organisation for anyone between 17 and 35. Macra caters for everyone and all interests! For the sport obsessed there is soccer, GAA, basketball, volleyball, uni-hoc, bowling and more. For all budding actors and singers there are competitions such as drama, comedy, capers (variety entertainment show), macravision, solo singing, ballad groups, instrumental music, to name but a few. for those who like the sound of their own voice, like a good argument or think they know it all, there is debating, public speaking and question times and quiz's. On the farming side of things farm skills, beef and sheep stock judging and Know Your Ag should whet your appetite.

If you are someone who is a bit shy but likes socializing, there are social events which enable you to meet more young people with similar interests and likes.

Macra is not just an organization for farmers or people from the country. Presently there are solicitors, nurses, accountants, students, farmers, auctioneers, life guards, builders, factory workers, shop assistants, green keepers and carpenters among the members of Carrigaline Macra, so it covers a wide range and very diverse group of people.


Agriculture is a big part of Macra and as such a big part of Carrigaline Macra, not that everyone is a farmer. We have a whole host of differently employed people in our club. However we do visit the summer agricultural shows, ploughing championships, take part in the agricultural competitions and promote agriculture at a regional, national and international level. We're always looking for members to try something different so if you do horse riding, are good at fencing, can drive a tractor or you know what makes a good dairy cow then we'd be more than happy to have you!


We are a very active club and not just in drama, debating, agriculture, etc. We also run a variety of activities during the year aimed at getting members trying new sports. We usually have a 'Couch to 5k' programme running before and after Christmas for members aiming to complete a 5 mile road race, of which there are a few during the summer organised within Macra. There is also usually a weekly sports night during the year where we practice basketball, soccer, uni-hoc and anything you can think of! During the year we have regional and national (hopefully) competitions in GAA, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tag rugby, bowling as well as a host of other activities. Not to mention the annual Seandún snow trip!


At various points during the year there are opportunities to travel due to membership in Macra, not alone for the various events hosted by different clubs the length and breadth of the country. Often there are various external opportunities for members to travel including on Young Farmer exchanges to Canada, New Zealand, etc. Great opportunities to travel are also open to those who put themselves forward to achieve a Macra Leadership Distinction Award. More info on the LDA awards here .

public speaking

Carrigaline is competitive in the debating and public speaking competitions within Macra. The debating competitions we take part in include Novice Debating, Impromptu Public Speaking, Team Public Speaking and Senior Debating among others. These competitions are a great way for people to learn to express their opinions and make good arguments for whatever purpose they might need.

performing arts

We take part in the performing arts competitions within Macra which include "Capers" and our Drama competition. Capers is a multi faceted stage production involving music, dancing, comedy, drama that makes the best use of the skills of the cast to make a unique, exciting production. Drama is a dramatic stage production acted out by club members with props, cues, costumes, etc. We also sometimes visit the cinema to see a movie or to the theater to see a play.


A important pillar of Macra which Carrigaline actively takes part in is our involvement in the community. This can take any form like helping out our towns Tidy Towns committee in cleaning the Kilmoney Road in Carrigaline and planting it with Daffodils. We also charity fundraise for different charities from time to time such as the Irish Heart Foundaton, Marymount Hospice, Penny Dinners, Alzheimers Society of Ireland, and more.